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Measurements 1
Measurements 2

1 - Waist
Around the body

2 - Upper Hip
Located 3-4 inches below the waist, depending on dancer's height and personal preference

3 - Height of Basque
From waist to upper hip

4 - Lower Hip
Largest area, around the body

5 - Length of Top Layer
Depends on the height of the ballerina 

6 - Half Girth
Start the tape measure at the waistline in front, down between the legs to the waistline on the back

7 - Bust
Over nipples, around the body

8 - Height of Bodice
3-4 inches above the nipple, depends on the preference of the dancer

9 - Length from Nipple to Waist
Length from nipple to waist

10 - Underarm to Waist
2 inches down from the pit

11 - Length of Skirt
From waist to the desirable length