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"I highly recommend Miralova for creating beautifully designed and expertly constructed custom ballet tutus - truly works of art!  My daughter not only felt beautiful dancing in her Miralova tutus, but she felt so comfortable.  Her gorgeous costumes were so lightweight and fit perfectly.  Liliya is a true artist, Brava!" (Gina Phelan, Greenwich Ballet Academy, Westchester, NY)

"My daughter's Miralova tutus are works of art in the authentic Russian costume-making tradition that you would be hard-pressed to match anywhere in the world.  Liliya Popova's innate artistry, consummate training, and creativity resulted in absolutely gorgeous custom tutus. With Miralova our input was graciously received, but we also gave the latitude for the artist to work her magic and the results were flawless."  (Tina Volkwein, Greenwich Ballet Academy, Westchester, NY)


"Liliya created two beautiful tutus for my daughter, Gillian. The designs were perfect for the variations being performed an they fit beautifully. Thank for taking time with all the fittings to make the tutus perfect! They are absolutely beautiful and Gillian was thrilled with the results." (Nannette Fitz, Ellison Ballet, New York)


"My experience with Liliya has been top notch! Not only did she produce two of the most beautiful tutus I have ever seen, but she was an absolute joy to work with.  She has a wonderful eye for details and was very helpful during the process. We changed our minds about colors and details a few times and Liliya was always very patient with us, guiding us to the right look for each variation. Not only are her tutus gorgeous to look at, the quality of her work is fantastic. I would not hesitate to order from Miralova again. Outstanding experience!" (Rebecca Tenney, Greenwich Ballet Academy, Westchester, NY)

"Liliya was amazing. She understood the kind of performance tutu our daughter would need for her dance. She carefully measured her, brought samples of colors and designs and gave us many options. The costume she created was a thing of beauty -- perfectly fitted to our daughter. We could not have been happier." (Vera Titunik, Ellison Ballet, New York) 


"My daughter is more than happy with the ballet tutu we ordered ... The order was ready on time. The quality is flawless. What's most important - it fits perfect! My daughter loves it so much!" (Veronika Astashonok, State Ballet School, Belarus)


"Thank you so much for the beautiful costumes. Elisabeth wore them both yesterday for rehearsal and they looked great! I truly appreciate all of your beautiful work and all of your time! I look forward to working with you again." (Nan Beyer, Ellison Ballet, New York)