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Bell Shape Tutu


Bell Shape Tutu


This tutu is a treat for an eye and pleasure for a body. It's light like a snowflake gliding down the sky, graceful, almost weightless. 

Sensual texture, vibrant colors, highest quality materials meticulously chosen, picked and delivered from United Kingdom. 

Its multilayered structure is crafted from diamond net - durable and elegant fabric. 

Comfortable, lightly tacked with easy to use fasteners on the back, Bell Shape Tutu is a wearable piece of art that will help you transcend yourself on stage and truly become the character of your play.

For standard sizes see the chart below:

Standard size chart

In case your size is not present in the standard size chart you can order a one-of-a-kind piece custom made to fit your personal measurements. Please note, there is a $30 flat fee for custom made items.

Click here to fill out the measurements form:
Custom measurements form

Your order will be finished in 4-6 weeks after the purchase. Please allow additional time for delivery.

If you have any questions regarding the size, measurements, color, decorations or any other concern feel free to contact us via email info@miralova.com

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  • Has a bell shape

  • Consists of 9-10 layers of diamond net

  • Top layer is longer than of a pancake tutu, starting from 15"

  • Layers are attached to the net basque and pantie with ruffles

  • Edges are scalloped

  • Lightly tacked

  • 3 hooks&eyes fasteners on the back

  • Does not have a hoop, but it can be added upon request